In-Store Workshop

If you visit us you will see for yourself we don’t hide from the public - The workbench is here in the shop.

We work differently to other jewellers, not only because the work bench is in the shop, we also have a large screen, and through a camera are able to show you your item(s) and any repairs that may need undertaking.

For your peace of mind all Jewellery is covered by our Insurance and SmartWater Technology.

It is advisable that you take your items to a Jewellers once a year for a check up.

Restoration and Remakes

We pride ourselves on restoring your items to how they would have looked originally.

Trained in one of the UK's top manufacturing companies of the 1970's, there aren't any designs we haven't made. Using the best of traditional techniques, we can restore virtually any design.

Not only do we restore your items for you we also pride ourselves on making an exact copy of an item that you might have lost. For example, we can make an earring to match.

If your item of jewellery is completely worn out we can remake it to how it would have been brand new, the traditional way and not cast. 

For examples of my work please click here.


We offer a full repair service right here in the store.

If your engagement ring, dress ring or any other type of jewellery is in need of repair, Sodbury Jewellers can help. We tackle repairs that other Jewellers won't attempt and pride ourselves on our high standards. 

Ring sizing – we can easily adjust the ring size up or down to make it bigger or smaller to fit you, including full eternity rings.

Replacing missing stones – supplying and setting diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones that have fallen out.

Replacing missing claws and claw re tipping – over a period of time the claws holding a stone in place can get worn. 

Chains and bracelets - repairs to chains and bracelets and supplying new catches.

We also offer the service of Rhodium plating - while you wait - and Pearl re stringing.


Valuations and Probate

You may require a valuation for several reasons; the most common is that your insurer requires an independent document to provide adequate insurance cover for your jewellery. Other reasons may include private sale or just for personal interest.

If you are settling an estate, this is the valuation you need both to ensure there is a fair distribution among the heirs, and to prove the estate value for inheritance tax. 

We can offer this service in store and usually while you wait. We also give a free approximate verbal valuation.

* For larger collections, it is advised that you telephone and make an appointment.