A guide to buying an Engagement Ring.


 To give longevity, it is recommended that you only have an engagement ring made in 18ct or platinum. 9ct white or 9ct yellow gold is not fit for purpose, for a ring that you are planning to wear every day. Please be aware of cast platinum that has cobalt, as it is very soft and buttery. You can tell this as the ring will be magnetic!

Style and Setting

It is recommended that you don’t purchase a ring with lots of small stones or very fine settings. We know that these cause problems and spend more time at the jewellers being repaired, than what it does on your finger. There is a particular style that we call miracle set, this is a grid of small square diamonds to give the illusion of one diamond. We call it miracle set “as it’s a miracle the diamonds stay in”.

To cast or not to cast?

99% of all the jewellery that you see in other jewellers windows is cast, whilst this process is okay, it can give problems with drying casting cracks, which can lead to failures and stone loss. We recommended handmade where the metal is rolled, drawn and worked to improve the metal which is far better for engagement rings that are worn every day. When your jewellery is truly hand – made (not imported and hand finished), it will last a lifetime.


You have probably done your research on the 4 C’s, but there are other factors to consider. The main thing not to fall foul of when purchasing a diamond is the correct proportions, you might be buying a 1 carat diamond, but does it spread the proper width etc? Does it have a thick or unpolished girdle? Another factor to look for is fluorescence, this is when your diamond will glow blue under an ultra violet light. Either of these can de value your stone by up to 25%.  This is why we sell diamonds graded by GIA, who are an independent body. Your diamond certificate number is laser engraved on the girdle of the stone, which you can verify on the GIA website.

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So remember when you go shopping, take with you a magnet and an ultra violet torch!!