Certified Diamond Specialist

Every diamond is a miracle of time, place and chance. Like snowflakes no two are exactly the same.

We specialize in selling GIA independently graded and certified diamonds.

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The Gemological Institute of America, known as GIA, is the world’s leading and most respected name in diamond quality grading. A diamond report issued by GIA provides the ultimate in expert certification, attesting your diamond’s identity, characteristics, and quality.

As the creator of the 4Cs diamond grading system (colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight), GIA ensures the integrity and accuracy of every diamond report it issues. So, if you are looking for the most trusted report for your diamond, this is the most widely recognized and respected of them all.

The diamond report issued with all our GIA-graded diamonds is called a GIA Diamond Dossier®. It includes a full assessment of the 4Cs, and additional grading information like polish, symmetry, and fluorescence.

Each GIA diamond report also includes a graphic diagram representing your diamond’s actual proportions.

Additionally, your GIA-graded diamond comes with a microscopic laser inscription of its report number for easy identification. You can verify this number on the GIA website to confirm that the information matches what is archived in the GIA report database. This provides you with an additional level of assurance.

For us, the GIA diamond certificate is an indisputable, and most trusted ‘seal of quality’. It assures you that the diamond you have chosen is exactly what it should be, and nothing less.